Julia Raygorodsky 3 weeks ago

Great dentist! Dr. Brodsky is always thorough and caring and makes sure the patient feels comfortable. Highly recommend!

Angela Arce a month ago

A good dentist is very hard to find; a great dentist is unheard of! I won the lottery with Dr. Brodsky! Friendly, fast & efficient!

Bernard Greenberg 3 days ago

My wife and I have been seeing Dr. Brodsky for years. He and his staff have always served us well and we highly recommend him to anyone who needs his services.

denise Finch 9 months ago

Dr Brodsky and his staff are wonderful. I've been going to Dr Brodsky for several years and he has always done excellent work.

I've had emergencies where I chipped a tooth and another time when an old cap came off. Both times, he fit me into the schedule right away. He always has time to help with emergencies and doesn't make you wait forever or rush you, even though it was an unplanned visit.

He has a very calming demeanor which has really helped me. I'm no longer nervous when I go for dental work.

His staff is always pleasant and helpful.

Joyce Lucignano 11 months ago

My Mom brought me in for an emergency tooth bonding because almost half of my tooth came off. My visit was outstanding! Dr. Brodsky allowed us to come in due to the nature of the situation. The dental hygienists were very kind and Dr. Brodsky not only calmed me down but my mother as well. After my tooth was bonded, it looked terrific... better than it looked before!!

I was so grateful that he was there!! Thank you Dr. Brodsky!!

Jennifer Tangen 10 months ago

I have been seeing Doctor Gennady Brodsky since I was 9 years old and now I am 33 !!! He's the only dentist in the area I trust with my teeth . His staff is so nice and kind and especially making my appointments. They are attentive. Especially Claire . Always checking in on me and to see how I am doing and my family . She is a sweetheart . Brodsky is such a great dentist . Always so helpful and works great on my teeth ,he is very gentle too & I'm such a baby when it comes to the dentist. . He cares so much about his patients and understands and always takes care if I'm in pain .most dentists just want your money . This office is very different they actually care and understand about billing. The environment is clean , and so organized. If anyone needs a root canal or a crown he can do it ! His work is top notch ! I would recommend this dental office to anyone ! They are the absolute best in the area ! Thank you to doctor Brodsky and his amazing staff for all the hard work you do ! It does not go un noticed !!!!!!!!!! I would give him 20 stars if I could !!!!

Ruchi Vachher 10 months ago

Dr Brodsky truly is just the best. Period. My son needed four teeth extracted and the whole experience was just outstanding. Not only he was able to calm his nerves but made the whole experience just fantastic. I can’t thank him enough. I highly recommend his practice for children as well as adults. Thank you Dr. Brodksy!

walter kowalski 8 months ago

Dr. Brodsky is one of the most kindest and caring dentists we've ever know. The scheduling is great and his office staff is wonderful. If ever we had a problem he will fit you in and make sure to relieve your pain. Even after moving out of this area we will still come back and use him as our dentist.

Ninja Voin 10 months ago

Fastest and most experienced dentist I’ve had work on my teeth. Very calm, clean and safe environment and always easy to ask for anything or discuss anything about the environment. Customer satisfaction guaranteed.

Mitchell Yegelwel 10 months ago

I have been a patient of Dr. Brodsky forever. Dr. Brodsky is beyond exceptional in every aspect of Dentistry. He is the most caring Dr. I have had. I recently moved quite a way from the practice and continue to drive the distance because of the great way my family and I are treated by Dr. Brodsky.

Lisa Segura 11 months ago

Dr Brodsky is the best! I called Monday had a toothache he took me immediately. Not only did he relieve the pain he personally called me that night and the next morning to make sure I was ok. He checked on me daily to make sure I had no pain. He will never leave you hanging he will fit you in no matter what. I have been going to him for years and have always been happy. His staff is fantastic they always make sure you are comfortable and they are so nice. The ladies treat me like I am family.

Samantha McKinstry 11 months ago

Wow! Dr. Brodsky and his staff truly went above and beyond for me! I chipped my front tooth the morning I was supposed to go on vacation with my daughters and grandson. I called Dr. Brodsky’s office and was told to come in that morning. He immediately repaired my tooth and it looks better than it did before. I was able to go on vacation that same day and my smile looks great in all my pictures. Dr. Brodsky and his staff made me a priority, I highly recommend!
- Barbara Rodgers

Christopher Torregiano a year ago

One of the best dental experiences of my lifetime. Dr. Brodsky is truly a gentleman and a professional. His dental work is second to none and I am so thankful for the work he has provided. The staff is excellent as well. They are always pleasant and eager to help you with any issue you may have concerning schedule and or payment. Dr. Brodsky and his staff create an environment that make you feel right at home. If you decide to give this practice a chance, you will Not be disappointed.

Laz Gonzalez 10 months ago

Dr. Brodsky is the best! He works quickly, but doesn't make you feel like he's hurried. I had a root canal emergency and he took care of me and made sure the specialist office he referred me to took my insurance and pla ed me on the top of their list!

Gail Dorfman 10 months ago

Dr Brodsky is a very caring and great dentist. Always there for you. Great staff too! Highly recommend the practice

Christine Marie 10 months ago

I have been going to Dr. Brodsky for 17 years and now I bring my three kids. Great staff and flexible! Dr. Brodsky is committed to giving great service! Couldn’t imagine going anywhere else!

Claudia Cozin 10 months ago

I love this dentist he is wonderful at his job. Everyone in his office is very helpful. No matter what your situation is he makes sure to help with your dental problems.

Choi Cunningham a year ago

Dr. Brodsky is a no-nonsense, tell you how it is - get it done right the first time - type of dentist. He is a true professional with an amazing staff. Everyone is so warm & friendly at his office. Dr. Brodsky makes me "not afraid" of going to the dentist, haha!

Max Guen a year ago

An excellent dentist. His office is clean and well-maintained, the staff he employs are patient and courteous, and Dr Brodsky himself is amazing. The confidence and efficiency with which he works creates a relaxing environment for his patients. On top of this it is very obvious he has a big heart and genuinely cares about his patients. 10/10, have already recommended him to some family members

Anil Gaddam 11 months ago

My family has been coming to Dr. Brodsky's dental practice since 1999. I can't say enough nicer things about Dr. Brodsky, the wonderful staff and the facility. He's very knowledgable, takes times to explain and one of the best in the field. He's on-time, professional and courteous. I've referred multiple friends, who are now regular customers of Dr. Brodsky. If you are looking for a dentist, give Dr. Brodsky a try. You will not be disappointed.

Elise Rosenthal a year ago

The most caring and professional dentist around. His staff is amazing. Office is organized and things just run smoothly. All around very impressed! Would highly recommend to all!

Michael Tseng a year ago

My wife and I have been going to Dr. Brodsky for 25 years. He is extremely skillful and professional. His office hours are very accommodating. His office staff are warm, welcoming and efficient.

Jacqueline Rodgers a year ago

This is by far my favorite dentist I've ever been to!! We were new to the area and his practice came recommended and I now know why. He and his staff go out of their way to work with your schedule and get you in and out quickly all with a smile on their faces! Certain services are suggested but unlike other dentists, not at all pushed. Come in for a cleaning and I promise you won't want to go anywhere else!

Kris B a year ago

The staff are super friendly and the facilities are clean and comfortable. They are willing to bend over backwards to make things easier and better for their patients. They even stayed late to fit my husband in for an appointment in order to fit our schedule. Dr. Brodsky is very professional and takes the time to know his patients. Highly recommend.

James Miller a year ago

Going to Brodsky is like coming home he and his staff are like family and always a welcome sight. ,I am always glad to be there and get a first class treatment. If i was to move out of the area. i would still go to him for my dental work. many thanks

Ana Almeida 10 months ago

Great staff. Doctor is very caring and really helps u with your needs

James Destefano a year ago

I came in with infection in two teeth and I felt it was going towards my eye and I now had the right side of my face beginning to swell and it really hurt. I called the office on Sunday and I got a return call in less than 5 minutes! I was told to come in as his first patient the next day. I came in, (and I had taken antibiotics on my own for two days prior )and he said let’s go! I received one shot n he came in and gave me second shot and I was really numb and I sat and waited for him to come back and take the two infected teeth out. After 5 minutes the nurse asked me why I was sitting their,and I told her the doctor has to take out my teeth!! She smiled went to the little dish picked up two teeth and said THESE WERE THE TEETH!!! He took them out and i didn’t even know it or feel it!!!!!!!!!!!! It doesn’t get better than that! This man is one of a kind and HE CARES!!See him and your dental care is set for life!!! Thanks again DR BRODSKY!

Risa Shabo a year ago

Dr Brodsky’s dental office is the BEST. They are very professional and accommodating always. He is always willing to work with you so that he gets the job done. The staff is wonderful and friendly. There is no other dentist or dentist office in this area as good as Dr.Brodsky. I give him 5 stars

Jeffrey Brace a year ago

A terrific dentist, as well as a great guy. He's genuinely concerned with your care and well being. In addition, the staff there is wonderful, kind and considerate. Wouldn't want to go anywhere else.

Bruce S a year ago

The most pleasant medical experience that I can remember. Dr Brodsky and his staff responded to a first time caller with both speed and compassion. Professional and experienced. I highly recommend this practice.

lisa williams a year ago

Dr. Brodsky and his team provide excellent , compassionate care. They are willing to listen to all dental concerns and address appropriately considering cost and follow up care.

Paul Minkin 2 years ago

Excellent dentist, excellent office. I came to him a few years ago for a crown that I needed for an implant....he did a great job and I have stayed with him since. Dr. Brodsky is highly skilled, efficient and has great bed-side manners. The office has up to date technology. His staff is very nice, flexible and efficient as well. The cleanings are the best I've ever had, thorough and professional. I gave him and the office 5 stars which is very well deserved.

Monica Holon a year ago

I have been going to Dr. Brodsky's office for 23 years!! Everytime the office staff is friendly and welcoming. The office is very clean and inviting. Dr. Brodsky is very thorough, accommodating, gentle, and very personable. I have been a loyal patient and will continue to be. I wouldn't want to go anywhere else!

Jeffery Gawron a year ago

Really good dentist.very good with those of us who panics at the first whine of the drill. I have been a satisfied patient for years.

Natasha Doshi a year ago

My family has been going to Dr. Brodsky for 20+ years what a pleasure it is to see his smiling face every time you walk in. His staff is absolutely amazing as well as his hygienists. Highly recommended!!!

Linda Diem a year ago

I went to Dr Brodsky for a filling in my front tooth. It turned out I had an infection and needed a root canal. Dr Brodsky and his wonderful staff took great care of me. He and his assistant Bree even stayed an hour past office hours to finish my root canal. His kindness and compassion speaks volumes. Thank you Dr Brodsky and staff!

Barbara zavorski 2 years ago

Dr.Brodsky is great. He has worked miracles with my teeth. Never a problem seeing me in an emergency. He is always very pleasant and caring. Office staff is outstanding and his office is immaculate.

Shari Evan 2 years ago

When you pick a dentist out of an insurance list, you don't know what your going to get, but I sure did pick the right dentist. The office is clean, everyone on the staff is nice and polite, and Dr. Brodsky is a fantastic dentist. He capped my front tooth and it looks gorgeous. It fits and matches perfectly. I am so happy with the results. If you have to make pick from a insurance dentist list, I would pick Dr. Brodsky!

Bonny Kelter a year ago

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Brodsky for twenty years. The service in his office has always been excellent, while providing both preventative and emergency care. My decision to write this review is based on my most recent experience. I called the office after noticing that a large back molar had broken in half. The office scheduled an appointment for me for that same day. Dr. Brodsky said that the tooth had broken beneath the gum line and that he might not be able to save enough to be able to install a crown. Well, after three other sessions, I have a new crown! Dr. Brodsky did root canal and minor surgery beneath the gum line. I’m sending all my thanks to his entire office - Clara, Odaliz, Bree, Ogla, Yvonne, Dorothy, and Naomi!

Ellina L 2 years ago

Dr. Brodsky is a great dentist. He doesn’t make you fix or do anything that is unnecessary like many dentists do. Very knowledgeable and careful. I have a small mouth and he tries his best not to hurt me. Thanks Dr. B!

Elena Dinkevich 2 years ago

Very friendly and patient staff. Had the best cleaning of my life this week. So gentle. I felt like I’m in the spa, not Dentist. No sensitive gums after, no pain during. The hygienist was simply amazing, even her voice was so suiting.

Dr. Brodsky very honest, professional, and exelent bedside manners. I feel that I can finally trust dentist, because Dr. Brodsky won’t suggest unnecessary procedures like all my previous dentists. Highly recommend practice.

Deborah Raina Botvinik a year ago

Excellent staff. Office is clean!! Staff is Professional and reliable and kind . No better place to go. The best dentist he certainly knows his profession !!

Lotte Kaplan 8 months ago

Nice setting, competent staff, great dentist

Semyon Volshteyn 4 years ago

Dr. Gennady Brodsky deserves to have the highest rate. First of all, this doctor is the very professional and intelligent person. His communication with patients is very friendly and understandable, During the whole meeting he gives to his patients many useful advises to keep teeth in good shape. In an addition to that he has the very well designed office with a modern equipment. This office is very neat and has a lot of light. Doctor's staff team is well prepared to serve patients of different ages. The visits to Dr. G. Brodsky were very effective and enjoyable for my wife and myself.

Lisa L. 2 years ago

Dr. Brodsky has been our family dentist for over 20 years. He is patient, kind, helpful and extremely knowledgeable. He is very accommodating! I have had several emergencies and have called his office and he would tell me to come in immediately. Not only is Dr. Brodsky a fabulous dentist, his staff is outstanding. Everyone working in this office cannot be more helpful. My hygienist, Oogla is the best. She is kind, gentle and does a thorough job of cleaning my sensitive teeth. I highly recommend Dr. Brodsky for all your dental needs. He really cares about his patients and it comes through every time I'm there.

Alex Autuoro 2 years ago

Extremely accommodating and reliable. Have been going to Brodsky for years, never disappointed, always left beyond satisfied with the work that he and his team do. Would very much recommend

George EBNJ 2 years ago

Dr. Brodsky has been our family dentist for about 20 years. He and his staff have worked closely with my family providing us with outstanding dental care. He has worked with me in helping to save my teeth and has helped in providing me with partial dentures for a perfect smile. Oogla, my hygienist, has always been so gentle and thorough. The staff is wonderful and provides kind, attentive outstanding service.

fady azer 11 months ago

Amazing man best dentist i know...

Cathy 3 years ago

Dr Brodsky will definitely be my new go to dentist!! I had a very painful infection in the root of my tooth and needed root canal. Dr Brodsky and his staff made me comfortable and feel at ease through the entire process. Dr. Brodsky really knows his stuff, he truly cares for his patients, he is a perfectionist and makes sure things are done right. I am beyond satisfied with work that Dr. Brodsky done. To top things off he keeps an impeccably clean office and can be pretty funny to boot!! I would definitely recommend Dr. Brodsky to my friends and family. Thank you again Dr.!! :)

Carty 3 years ago

Dr. Brodsky has provided me with exceptional care. He is knowledgeable, responsive , considerate and compassionate. In 2012 he reviewed lab results that my internist, an Emergency Room neurologist, and other specialists ignored. He requested information from an internist before performing any procedures. This led to a series of appointments that provided life saving care.

Complete medical care requires that all doctors review and respond to all aspect of a patient's health. Dr. Brodsky has always done that and refers me to the oral surgeon when necessary. His office has even offered to call and make the appointment when it's urgent. I appreciate him and his staff providing excellent care.

KimBERLY Mihalko a year ago

I have been a patient od Dr Brodsky since i was 25, and im 44 years old now. I an 1 hour away from his office, and would go any where else. I always tell people if you want the best you need to see Dr Brodsky. He is tge kind of doctor, that treats you as part of his family of dentistry, not just a patient number. Today , i had a tooth loose, in my front tooth, im scared and he said i will take tge pressure off it kimmy, if not you will loose it. Within 10 mins , he released the pressure, i was only there for xrays. He make sure that he sees everyone that xomes into the office . Do you know many teeth he saved of mine. He would call , himself and say kimmy , we got to take care if this, and Everytime he was right. I live by this saying ... people in college who get C's and D's get degrees. Hand down Dr Brodsky got all A's. The staff is amazing, and if you havent met Claire, make appointment. You wont be disappointed, you will see the difference between a dentis that care About each patient and there smile. Thank you Dr Brodsky, and staff, always taking care of me.

Leah Frederick a year ago

Dr Brodsky and staff are fantastic. Not only are they professional and always friendly, he is an incredible dentist!! My entire family has gone to him for years.

Hamidreza Toloue Tehrani a year ago

Amazing experience at East Brunswick Family & Cosmetic Dental Group. I had so many cavities and pain and Dr Fakhrzadeh made it a very painless experience and I would never switch to any other dentist.

Harry Brett a year ago

I have had Dr. Brodsky as my dentist for a number of years. He does excellent work.

Brook Smith 3 years ago

Dr. Brodsky has been my dentist for about 5 years now. He is wonderful. He works with your insurance to make sure you maximize your benefits without going over. If there is a dental emergency he will fit you in somehow. About a month ago I was going on a 10 day trip and had an excruciating tooth ache.I was ready to cancel my trip...that is how bad it was He moved people around and saved the day! .I can not thank Dr Brodsky enough!

Alex Garber 4 years ago

Dr. Brodsky paid a lot of attention to making my experience comfortable and reducing unpleasant sensations. He derived a long-term treatment plan, aiming for keeping my teeth healthy for a long time. Very pleasant experience. Worth a trip from Brooklyn to New Jersey!

Don Quander 3 years ago

Dr. Brodsky and the whole office staff are just fantastic. Have been going there for about 6 or 7 years and never had a bad experience. If you need a dentist, go see him, he will be happy to take care of you.

John Sherman 2 years ago

Doctor Brodsky is a professional with a heart of gold. The staff are a bunch of sweethearts. Nobody likes going to the dentist , but they make it not so bad. I would recommend them to anyone.

RJ C 3 years ago

I have been coming to Dr. Brodsky for 13 years and would not go anywhere else. Through changes of insurance, they have always been nothing but super kind, professional, helpful and always can get an appointment which is super important when my schedule is so hectic. The staff here is excellent! I have incredibly sensitive teeth (hot, cold, air) and with no pain have been able to get through a cleaning, scaling, dental work, whitening with no issues. Never feel pushed or pressured. I highly recommend Dr. Brodsky's office. I have never considered going elsewhere. Thank you for tremendous customer service and always going above and beyond!

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